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Rose papaya
Earl grey tea
Valerian root
Ginkgo biloba tea
Oolong Ginseng
Echinacea Herb
Passion flower tea
Chai tea
White lavender calm
Andes breeze
Lemon verbena
Cold relief
Double passion
Sol y Luna
Rooibos ginger
Jasmin Pearls

A glass teapot plus two bags of loose leaf tea for only $30 Choose between 3 perfect packages.
Dalia tea kit: Dalia teapot plus two ounces of Cocoda, coconut white tea and two ounces of White lavender calm. Get it now >>
Brisa tea kit:
Brisa teapot plus two ounces of Pineapple ginger tea and two ounces of Rose papaya tea. Get it now >>
Personal tea kit:

Tea packages:

You can help your body get rid of all the impurities with "Berry Good cleanse tea". It combines the properties of herbs with the antioxidants and cleaning properties of berries.

Give your body a break with a Berry Good Tea

Want something yummy to go with your honeypeach tea? Well, look no further than these Minty Tangerine Tea Cookies. Perfect for hosting your very own Tea Party, these delicious cookies even use olive oil to make them extra healthy. So do your growling belly some good and make a batch today.

Minty Tangerine Tea Cookies

Want to be a proud owner of the prettiest glass teapots around? Well, then start shopping at my tea shelf. Each personal teapot brews about two cups of the most delicious tea ever and you can even see the leaves expand as the tea starts to do its thing. Plus, you don’t even need filters. So get ready for the snow, the rain and the holidays and treat yourself to a personal teapot today.

Get a FREE ounce of loose leaf tea when you buy a teapot. Add the ounce of your favorite tea to the cart and then enter code TEAFORME at checkout.

Glass Teapots

A refreshing, healthy, natural and very easy summer drink. You can add all the ingredients to your taste, I personally like it very light so I can keep it longer in the refrigerator. I used exactly what you see in the pictures.
Now try your own!

Rosemary mojito iced tea

Since friends and family always ask what do I use on my face, I’ve decided to share with you my skin care products inspired on tea aromas. These basic yet rich oil blends will prevent the formation of wrinkles and give you a natural glow. Each bottle contains carrot seed oil that helps to improve complexion, removes toxins and stimulates the growth of new cells, apricot oil which is a natural moisturizer, and essential tea oils to treat your senses.

Natural Skin Care
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